Data Science Grad Programs

2 years ago, I was in search of grad programs in Data Science.  There were none. I had to apply for Computer Science MS programs. But now, there are many good data science programs. I hope the list below helps aspiring data scientists.

Masters in Data Science

Masters in Machine Learning

Certification in Data Science

Online certification in Data Science

PhD in Data Science

Bootcamps for PhDs who wants to shift gears to Data Science


21 thoughts on “Data Science Grad Programs

      1. I don’t come from a computer science background and I can’t code. How difficult do you think it’s going to be for me if I join a data science program?


      2. It could be quite difficult. A lot of assignments and projects require that you are a pretty good programmer already. So, better start learning to code. Which is also true for most Data Scientist jobs !

    1. Well, I have listed the ones that I have come across. There will be many more coming up. I’ll try to keep the list up to date. However, if you are interested in Business Analytics sort of programs, this is not the list.

      1. Hi Darshan

        I am interested in Data Science Program and very passionate about this. I am not looking for Business Analytics. I would like to purse my career in data sciences and do research in the same field. Can you please let me know any good unviversitites for this. All these universities are really good but either too costly or far from my reach.

      2. These are the universities I would apply to. Also, many of these universities provide scholarships (Especially, there are many for Data Science Programs because of the hype!). Good luck.

  1. Hi Darshan,

    Can you expand on your comment about Berkeley’s program being more of an “applied data science” program? I assume you’re making some distinction between applied and theoretical data science, and I’m curious what your thoughts on the utility and marketability of each in industry. I am focusing on the Cal program for a few different reasons (scheduling flexibility, fit in my timeline, the ability to keep working while attending school remotely, and the value of a Cal degree). I’d love to know more about what you meant by your comment given your experience in the industry and as an MS student.

    Thanks for this list. Not comprehensive, but helpful for a list of programs at top-tier “name brand” universities (all due respect to North Carolina State). I also found this list to be helpful for lesser known or regional schools:

    1. I think there are 2 kinds of Data Scientists / Computer Scientists. 1. Who develops new theories and/or modifies the existing algorithms / theories to get superior results (Measured by whatever means) for problem at hand. 2. More applied data scientists, who apply (some times even hit and trial) existing set of algorithms to a given problem. When I said, Berkeley’s Data Science program is more applied, I meant it has little of theoretical content to produce data scientists of 1st kind. Also, the program is associated with information science institute, where more applied work happens. So, if you want to be Data Scientist of 1st kind, may be you should apply for Berkley’s CS PhD / Master’s program.

      1. Thanks for the differentiation. I’m looking for a Data Science Master to begin next fall and I’m looking for 1st kind program. How do you determine whether if a program is for the 1st or 2nd kind?

  2. Wow, thanks for the list ! I am really interested in Masters in Data Science at NYU. What would be the most important thing I should care about? I am a senior at liberal arts college in computer science and statistics. I haven’t take GRE yet. How important is GRE score to NYU ?

  3. Hi darshan …posts here are quite helpful especially the Machine Learning post and I`m sure many of the fresh engg graduates would relate to ur intro in that post ( I surely did) . I hv a few queries abt d program which you are studying.

    1. Now that U hv been a year into this program what would u recommend a 3 month intensive Data Science bootcamp or a 2 year MS in NYU .

    2.Realistically speaking what is the chance of obtaining a scholarship at NYU and also could you provide a rough estimate of the total costs which you incurred in the first year.

    3. Why r d classes held after 5 P.M. in NYU and how many classes per week

    Thank You !

  4. Hi Darhan,
    I currently work at Goldman Sachs and wish to enter data science domain. what is your opinion about
    1. should i do a masters degree in computer science with few subjects related to data science ? or a pure data science course like NYU’s ?
    2. How competitive do you consider NYU’s data science program when you compare it with CMU’s data science program

    Thanks for your time for sharing quite a lot of info on this web page

  5. hi Darshan,

    thanks for posting the link. i am an electronics graduate who happened to be working in the analytics domain from the past 4 years. i am now looking forward to do an MS in data science. my work involves tool programming and not the actual coding. do you think my experience is considered and getting into one of these programs will be ok?

  6. Hello Darshan,

    Thanks for the consolidated list. I am a computer science engineer and interested in applying to this course. How difficult is it for an average programmer? How are the prospects of this course? Have you already completed this course? Have you already found a job?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Hi Darshan,
    Nice list. Wanted to know your thoughts on the Data science courses in the following universities:
    1) University of California San Diego
    2) University of San Francisco
    Help will be appreciated.

  8. Hi Darshan, thank you for the links above. Could you please throw some light on Machine Learning program in Aalto University and University of Helsinki in Finland. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  9. hi darshan,
    i want to ask you some questions ,is ms program in nyu good when compared to other similar programs and how to join this program

  10. Hi Darshan,
    I am looking for the MS courses in Data Mining. Is it the same as Data Science?
    PS: I am not looking for a CS specific course, as my B.Tech was in Electrical, though I have some 2 years of experience in an IT firm.

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